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► ROGUE STATE - poetry is not for me - LP ◄

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"In the Eighties Peggio Punx put Alessandria on the map of Italian furious hardcore, now it's time for this city to rise again! Rogue State is a great all star band featuring former and current members of Ufomammut, Pentagram, Burning Defeat and Jilted and they are to take no prisoners. Top notch old school hardcore with such a ripping sound that will make you beg for more after each listen! Imagine a dirty and high octane injected mix of early Dr. Know, Black Flag and all the angry, pissed off hardcore of the origins. Well, Rogue State mastered that style and this debut record is both a product of seasoned musicians and a fresh new start filled with energy and enthusiasm. Hands down, one of the best hardcore bands out of Italy today! "


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