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► PERVERTS IN WHITE SHIRTS - power to the sheeple - LP ◄

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Debut LP of Zurich's noise pop duo PERVERTS IN WHITE SHIRTS (Nathalie Dreier/Dave Phillips). White vinyl / 180g / 300 copies. File under: Electronic, Bass, Dark Contemporary, Dubstep, EBM, Electro, Grime, Hip Hop, Industrial, Pop, Roland Groovebox, Transgenre, Witchhouse.

"Power to the Sheeple is often dark, sometimes cold, and always unbelievable strange. Of course, we can’t recommend it enough. " - Archaic Triad

"Then I heard the music... lysergic and hauntingly twisted anti-club hymns that delight and disturb at the same time. It's truly stunning and is easily the best thing that I have heard this year." - Bleak Bliss