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► CROWSKIN - ganz ins herz - LP ◄

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Doom / Sludge Highlight from 2015. This is the black vinyl version.

"'ganz ins herz' is the 2nd full-length by CROWSKIN, a Potsdam-based five-piece of gals and guys who grew up somewhere between SABBATH heaviness and hardcore anger. Deeply rooted in the d.i.y. punk ethos and influenced by classic and contemporary sludge-metal stuff, they add a destructive noisy edge to all this and come up with an ultimate expression of hateful loneliness and despair. Singer Alexandra von Bolz'n expresses once more the disappointment of the human incapacity to interact and cooperate with exalted Stefan-Georgian lyrics, performed in ferocious and haunting screams and growls beyond usual human voice experience. The band teams up with merciless assaults of tormenting steamroller grooves and no-motion funeral dirges, built up to monstrous guitar walls, notorious bass rumbling, pounding drums and an ubiquitous Bonham-style ride cymbal - all this painfully soaked in feedback and noise. The vinyl includes 5 lenghthy pieces that bring you to a journey through the depths of human thoughts and feelings, enabling you to release your anger and let your hatred destroy. "