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► BLACK SHAPE OF NEXUS - negative black - CD ◄

12 EUR / In stock.

Available on CD in a matte-varnished 6panel digifile.

"Awaiting a new release hasn’t been that enerving ever as EOM signed B.SON four long years ago and since then the band has been working to get this new album done, they underwent numerous line up changes, short-term hiatusses, phases of utter productivity and periods of calm as well as those of energy. This all has been channeled into an album drawing a true emotional landscape of current Black Shape Of Nexus. We hope you enjoy it. It’s a task! 80 minutes long!!! Yes, you read that right. 80 minutes of pure sonic assault!

Recorded in the mild winter of 2011/12 and twisted into shape at the mighty Tonmeisterei studio this album marks a new step for Black Shape Of Nexus, postulating a path into their forseeable future. We don’t need to rave about the fact that this is their best recordings to date and we have never heard anything better from them or any other band in the entire known universe, don’t we? You wouldn’t find this band on this label if we wouldn’t be 120% convinced that these guys can save the world. Or tear it down, whatever…"