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► BATTLEFIELDS - thresholds of imbalance - 2xLP ◄

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Battlefields segues between gnashing metal and layers of lo-fi atmosphere. With the addition of tasteful samples and puncturing screams, it’s undeniable that Battlefields are headed in an impressive direction. ” - Decibel Magazine

The missing link between ISIS and CONVERGE, their brutal hardcore-infused-doom metal is as head-explodingly heavy and visceral as it is soothing and cerebral. ” -

With nods toward the stratified ambience of Red Sparowes and the hellacious mathiness of Converge, Minnesota’s Battlefields straddles dreaminess and despair with equally vicious grace. ” - The Onion

Expect big things from these guys in the future. ” -

This is how the end of the world should sound. ” - Mammoth Press