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"That wonderful band from Arizona released 'Endless skies' in 1983. Unfortunately they didn't continue for many years. About 20 years later guitarist Randy Davis did another album, but it was available only through a site of the band that is no longer running. 'Endless skies' is a rarity much sought after (selling for 150 $ or more) and it's worth it! It sounds like a mixture of Wishbone Ash (beautiful guitar melodies and sooth vocals) and 70's southern rock, with some slight touches of epic metal. There are many highlights here, songs that could compete with any great song of any great band. Randy Davis shines on guitar, he never strays from his goal, which is to deliver wonderful melodies. There's a lot of accoustic guitar here and epic semi-ballads like Madman or the absolute masterpiece Mystery man will convince you that this album belongs to the great ones. "