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"Songs from the lowest floor sees the light three years after the EP 12.21.12, which laid the foundation for a real reborn from an apocalyptic landscape, bringing the band to a new and less frantic horizon, less standardized and more spontaneous. 
A spontaneity hard to find, because of several changes in the composition of the band itself, and also for the vicissitudes that every single member has carried with him, on both personal and musical layers. 
This new balance surely influenced the sound of these tracks, united with the several tour experiences abroad, that increased the desire for a sound research completely divergent from the stylistic conventions strictly bonded to the genre (as the band always used to), but with new awareness and security due to the experience and to the growth of individual and group. 
This new work tries to be a multi layered experience, a discovery where the listener is left free to step in independently. 
Filth in my Garage keeps limited to observe, while playing their songs… from the lowest floor.

FFO: botch, amphetamine reptile, hydra head, poison the well, city of ships, cave in and everytime i die "


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